martes, abril 16, 2024

Abby T. – TEASE

Music has long been a thing of experience. The experience you have while hearing the music really determines if its something you keep coming back to, or something that goes in one ear and out the other. What that experience can be for the listener is something without limits, with music as diverse than ever it can truly be anything for anybody, but when you feel good hearing the music that is surely something that will keep you coming back and Abby T. delivers that type of music on the new song “TEASE”.

Abby T. brings a soulful house infused sound to make you want to move for every second she gives us on the new song “TEASE”. The magic of music is one of this record’s greatest assets with the glow to the music shining through to make a connection like no other. The music pumps to the fullest and makes you want to move as you get engulfed in the pumping grooves, as well as Abby’s vocals that stand supreme throughout it as she serves as the perfect vocalist of this party that she brings to life for the world to enjoy.

Abby T.’s “TEASE” is a record that you will want to keep in rotation because of the feel of the music, as well as the superb quality of it. He does everything right to make sure you can be a fan of the artistry, as well as connect with the person behind the music with so much soul put into the music, its impossible not to leave a true fan of it all.

Check out Abby T. “TEASE” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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