sábado, marzo 25, 2023

Axian – Zephyr (ft. Alberto Droguett, Kydual)

The perfect soundtrack (and why not – a reason) to clear your head.

Delighted to welcome our dear Axian, Alberto Droguett & Kydual for their utterly peaceful collaboration, titled Eye of the Storm. A magnificent double single, blending lofi drums, hazy guitars & warm piano, all dedicated to finding the calmness inside – just like there’s a serene spot inside a hurricane.

“This project is about capturing a calm moment, to take some time to relax and breathe, which is extremely important in today’s world since everything is going so fast. The tracks were made while I was in Spain with a laptop setup that I used for the drums, production, etc. Alberto came up with some lush ideas on the keys, and Kydual topped it off with some amazing guitar.”, says Axian.

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Listen to «Zephyr» here but embark on this soothing journey on your fav platform here.

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