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Beyonce the queen of pop


Singer Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was born on the 4th of September 1981 in Texas, Houston.

The black artist, winner of several Grammy Awards and Platinum Award, who has achieved international fame for her powerful voice, distinctive songs, as well as her unique performance during her live performances.

The lyrics of her songs were characterized by strength and boldness, sometimes carrying a political character and touching the problems of society in general, starting with encouraging women of African American descent and ending with Hurricane Katrina

Beyoncé Knowles caught the public eye when she founded Destiny’s Child as a lead singer for the band Destiny’s Child. Until her concert tickets sold out

She started singing from an early age, and participated in many local talent programs and won some of them thanks to her unique talent and ability to sing and dance.

personal life

Beyoncé has been married to rapper and hip-hop artist Jay-Z since 2008.

The famous duo were known for keeping their private lives away from the media, so rumors abounded about them, especially those talking about Beyoncé and pregnancy, until Beyoncé and her husband announced in 2011 that she was actually pregnant, as the pregnancy seemed clear to her at the MTV Awards ceremony in August of the same general

Until the couple welcomed their first child on January 7, 2012, Blue Ivy Carter

The delivery was so costly that the couple booked an entire floor of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

In February 2017, Beyoncé announced on her official Instagram account that she was pregnant with twins, without revealing the expected date of birth.


Beyoncé co-founded a female singing group with her cousin Kelly Rowland, and two of her classmates, while her father worked as the band’s manager.

During the band’s career, there were several name and member changes before they could sign a recording contract in 1997 with Columbia Records.

After releasing their first album, named after the band Destiny’s Child, they quickly became one of the most popular and popular R&B groups, and this fame enabled them to reach the top positions in the pop charts with their single «Bills, Bills, Bills» from their second album; The previous album included another hit song called «Say My Name».

During Beyoncé’s time with the band, she started her own business outside of her commitments with them, making her film debut, starring in Carmen: A Hip Hopera (2001).

Not only did she make one appearance, she made a comeback in 2002, co-starring Mike Myers in the movie Austin Powers in Goldmember.

On the art scene, Beyoncé took the lead as a solo singer, releasing her first solo album, Dangerously in Love in 2003, which was a huge hit in terms of earnings and critics, selling one million copies and winning five Grammy Awards.

On this album, Beyoncé collaborated with a number of artists, including Missy Elliott, Sean Paul, and Jay-Z.

At the same time, rumors abounded about Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and about the nature of their relationship, but the couple did not disclose their relationship publicly at the time.

Returning to their work with Destiny’s Child, the group released their latest album, Destiny Fulfilled, in 2004, and their partnership officially ended next year.

On her own, Beyoncé continued her passion and moved from one success to another, releasing her second album in 2006, «B’Day», which included many hit songs such as «Irreplaceable» and «Deja Vu».

On the big screen, Beyoncé starred with Jennifer Hudson, Jaime Foxx, Eddie Murphy in Dreamgirls.

In 2008, Beyoncé married the famous rap/hip-hop singer Jay-Z, who is considered one of the most famous singers in his field; The wedding ceremony was private and took place on a small scale, with the audience spotting Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles, her father and business manager Matthew, her sister Solange Solange, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams as well as her friend Gwyneth Paltrow.

The newlyweds quickly got back to work as usual, around which time Beyoncé started promoting her latest work, I am… Sasha Fierce, released in 2008.

Beyoncé once again achieved huge success with the songs: «(Put a Ring on It) Single Ladies» and «If I Were a Boy».

Not only did Beyoncé appear in 2008 on the music scene, but she returned to the big screen with a starring role in the movie Cadillac Records, which embodies the life of the late legend Etta James.

In January 2009, Beyoncé sang the famous Etta James song «At Last» for former US President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, during his inauguration ceremony.

Beyoncé is not only limited to artwork, as she and her mother launched her own fashion house, House of Dereon, and she also launched her own fragrance under the name Heat in 2010.

Beyoncé’s global fame prompted many international brands to ask her to be their official spokeswoman, such as: L’Oreal and Tommy Hilfiger.

According to The Huffington Post, shortly after, before her highly anticipated performance in the NFL Final (the 47th), Beyoncé performed the same song live at a press conference, then explained that what was heard during the presidential inauguration was an «help piece.» And she’s already sung, and she’s definitely going to give a live concert at the final, the biggest sporting event of the year.

Of course, no one can question Beyoncé’s special talent. On February 3, 2013, Beyoncé fulfilled her promise and gave a live concert in the final, where she was joined in some songs by her former bandmates Rowland and Williams, who took over the stage and left the audience in a state of stupor. , which restored her former status in their eyes, and announced that her next concert tour will be in the spring of 2013

Awards, titles and surprise album The 2010 Grammy Awards ended with Beyoncé winning six awards, marking the highest number of awards won by an artist in a single night.

Soul/Bob artist Adele is reported to receive the same number of awards after two years, tying with Beyoncé.

In 2011, economic magazine Forbes listed her among the ten highest-paid women working in the entertainment field.

By 2013, Beyoncé had won 16 Grammy Awards

Beyoncé broke all records again with the release of her fifth album, which came under the name Beyoncé, on the thirteenth of December 2013. This album surprised critics and fans, as she did not promote or talk about it before its release, despite that, the album achieved sales of more than 800,000 copies during Only the weekend it was released, it also became the fastest-selling album distributed on iTunes, making Beyoncé the first woman to top the Billboard Top 200 charts.

Later in 2013, she released a limited edition of her fifth album, the Platinum Edition: Beyoncé.

Her previous album is classified under the «visual album» category, meaning that the songs in it were accompanied by short films that explain every idea presented during each song.

This album nominated her for three additional Grammy Award nominations, including «Best R&B Performance» for her song «Drunk in Love.»

Super Bowl for the second time, and ‘Lemonade’ album

In February 2016, Beyoncé took to the stage of the American football final, the Super Bowl, again, fascinating the lights and admiring the fans with a supernatural performance, and what made her performance more enthusiastic was joined by Bruno Mar and Chris Martin from Coldplay, during her performance of her song Formation, which sparked a vortex. Of warm applause among those present

And once again, Beyoncé announced her next world concert tour, everything about that performance was magical, from the vocals to the accompaniment.

Only two months later, the HBO network showed Beyoncé’s new movie Lemonade, which was in turn a strong movie, perfect in terms of photography, music and ideas that it presents. , from doubt, anger and sadness to regaining her confidence in those around her, alluding to the strength that exists among African-American women. From this point of view, the film had guests from strong women such as tennis player Serena Williams and actress Quvenzhané Wallis

This film was produced in collaboration with a group of directors and included poetry clips by British writer Warsan Shire.

Initially, Lemonade was only available on Tidal, a service owned by Beyoncé’s husband J-Z, but after a while the album and movie became available on iTunes and Amazon.

Beyoncé co-produced this album with a number of music artists, including:

Jack White, The Weeknd, James Blake and Kendrick Lamar

In terms of earnings, Lemonade was a smashing number one hit, making Beyoncé the only artist to have all six of her albums top the Billboard chart.

February 2017, Beyoncé surprised the audience with a dazzling performance at the Grammy Awards

Her pregnancy didn’t stop her from delivering a stunning show, in distinctive lighting with dancers behind her, as well as visuals accompanying Beyoncé’s movements.

At that ceremony, Beyoncé did not win album of the year, as the award went to Adele, but she nevertheless won two awards for Best Music Video, Best Urban Contemporary Album (a genre closely associated with African-American music), and… R&B in particular.

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