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Big Dinos! Super Bowl TV Spot for ’65’ Sci-Fi Movie with Adam Driver

«65 million years ago… humans discovered Earth.» We did? Sony has revealed their 30-second Super Bowl TV spot for the sci-fi dinosaur movie 65, arriving in theaters in March 2023 next month. The first official US trailer debuted last month, and this spot mashes up a lot of this existing footage in a fun package. An astronaut who crash lands on a mysterious planet discovers that he is not alone. It turns out he crash lands from the future back on Earth – 65 million years ago – and encounters dinosaurs as they try to find a ship to escape on. Adam Driver stars with Ariana Greenblatt and Chloe Coleman. Produced by Sam Raimi, directed by Beck/Woods. The opening 15 seconds of this trailer is going for that original Alien text teaser where they slowly reveal one letter at a time. This looks like it’s going to be big and epic and fun! Bring it on.

Here’s the 30-second Super Bowl TV Spot for Beck & Woods’ sci-fi movie 65, from Sony’s YouTube:

You can rewatch the original US trailer for Beck & Woods’ 65 movie right here, or the UK trailer here.

65 Movie

65 Movie

After a catastrophic crash on an unknown planet, pilot Mills (Adam Driver) quickly discovers he’s actually stranded on Earth… 65 million years ago. Now, with only one chance at rescue, Mills and the only other survivor, Koa (Ariana Greenblatt), must make their way across an unknown terrain riddled with many dangerous prehistoric creatures in an epic fight to survive. 65, also known as 65: The End Is Only The Beginning, is both written and directed by acclaimed writers / filmmakers Scott Beck & Bryan Woods (aka «Beck/Woods»), directors of For Always, Her Summer, Spread, Nightlight, and Haunt previously; and also writers of the A Quiet Place movies. This is a co-production between Columbia Pictures, Bron Creative, Raimi Productions, and Beck/Woods. Produced by Sam Raimi, Zainab Azizi, Debbie Liebling Beck/Woods. Sony will debut 65 in theaters worldwide starting on March 10th, 2023 next month.

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