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Britney Spears Caught Off Guard By Sam Asghari Going On Instagram Live While In Bed

Apparently, Britney Spears was NOT in the mood to talk when husband Sam Asghari hopped on Instagram Live this week!

On Wednesday night, the 28-year-old actor had been in bed next to the 40-year-old pop sensation when he decided to go live on the ‘gram to talk with nearly 3,000 people – without Brit knowing. And let’s just say things got a little tense between them when Sam tried to get his wife to join in! While sitting in the dark, the model asked Britney if wanted to appear on camera at one point:

“Can I show you or no?”

Sounding confused by the request, Britney responded off-camera:

“Huh? Show me what?”

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He then said:

“On the Live.”

The Oops I Did It Again songstress became more frustrated as she questioned Sam again:

“What are you talking about?”

To which the former personal trainer replied:

“Can I turn the camera on you?”

Once she realized that Sam had gone on IG Live, she fired back:

“I don’t need to see anything, I know! I’m always live!”

Sam then said:

“This is what’s called Instagram Live, but we’re ending it now. So have a good night.”

But it didn’t end there! Britney goes on to snap at Sam, asserting:

“I don’t wanna jump in. I have nothing to say. I don’t want to talk to them right now.”

Sam eventually gave up on the live stream, telling Brit:

“All right, sounds good.”

A recording of the IG Live soon started circulating on social media, even being posted by the Britney fan account BreatheHeavy. You can watch yourself (below):

In the comments section of the post, several people expressed their discomfort with video, as they believed something was off about the couple’s brief encounter. They wrote:

“Can you imagine your husband going live and asking you to show your face when you aren’t in the mood?!”

“Erm yeah I don’t really like that he’s done this. What was he thinking?”

“I think he shouldn’t have surprised her. He should have asked her before he went live.”

“This is weird”

“Everything about Britney’s life seems bizarre and alarming. Why does she sound like that? There’s something in her tone that tells us she’s not doing well.”

However, other social media users came to Britney and Sam’s defense and insisted everyone was reading too much into the situation:

“What exactly is wrong with what he’s doing ? She doesn’t want to be live so she’s telling him to no. They’re f**king married. Sounds like a regular relationship to me.”

“he respected her wishes when she said no.”

“If the Queen doesn’t wanna speak to anyone…including us sadly lol She doesn’t have to. She’s allowed to have her own privacy.”

“This is such a regular, common couple chat.”

“Let’s just remember a 30 second clip with no context gives not insight into someone’s life or situation. Stop projecting”

Yeah! Maybe Britney just didn’t want to be blindsided with a Live when she’s relaxing in bed!

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