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R&B’s smooth crooner Cedric Brazle, introduces a new head-knocking record that
captures him yearning for physical affection in the most beguiling way. In his new single
titled “Rush”, produced by stevexcooper, we find Cedric racing against the clock to
share an intimate moment with his lover. Touted as ‘sexy vintage soul with modern
flourishes’, Cedric sings: “Pack lite we have a way to go, time waits for no man.”

Passionate guitar riffs and thumping lo-fi drums strung along by silky vocal tones,
cascading harmonies and sprinkles of falsetto are what make up the sonic DNA of
“Rush”; with its infectious melodies, sensual sounds, and cadences allowing the voice of
R&B’s newly found maven to shine.

“Rush” is the second single scheduled to be released on Oct. 26th. This record sits
comfortably in the nostalgic sweet spot that houses some of our favorite R&B and pop
songs. As a follow-up to his first single, “Product of Love”, this will lead us right into his
upcoming EP projected to release in January 2023.

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