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Eaten by Sharks – Eradication Overview

It’s truly surprisingly troublesome to get Eaten by Sharks. Certainly, as these of you who commonly peruse the Indian Journal of Household Medication and Main Care will know, there are considerably extra deaths attributable to selfies than by sharks. A regarding research entitled Selfies: A boon or bane? discovered that, between 2011 and 2017, 259 folks worldwide died in 137 incidents associated to selfies. 70 of these idiots drowned whereas attempting to get that killer snap. For context, solely 50 folks died in confirmed shark assaults globally over the identical interval. The chances of getting bitten by a shark are 1 in 3,748,067, considerably decrease than the probabilities of being killed by fireworks (1 in 340,733) or regular, non-selfie associated drowning (1 in 1,134). Certainly, if you’d like purpose to remain out of the water, it’s lightning, which is 47 instances extra more likely to kill you than a shark. What then are the probabilities of St. Catharines, Canada natives Eaten by Sharks catching lighting in a bottle on their self-released debut album, Eradication?

The quintet performs a meaty, groove-heavy type of demise steel channeling the likes of The Black Dahlia Homicide and Cattle Decapitation, however touching additionally on Match for an Post-mortem-esque deathcore and even the techy points of Job for a Cowboy in locations. Guitarists Chris Chaperon and Dan Okowinsky arrange a churning sea of chugging riffs, with scattered noodly tech excursions and temporary solos, all set to the insistent, pounding rhythms of Justin Whitehead’s drums. There may be nothing too complicated, nor refined right here and Matt Sherriff’s vocals comply with that method. Shrieks, barnacle-covered growls and snarling barks are the order of the day, as Sherriff spins the yarn of an assault by battalions of closely armed sharks on human civilization. Chaperon’s jagged, staccato riffage is the right painter’s palate for Sherriff to spit salty bile all around the mic.

There may be nothing progressive or new right here however the muscular riffs turned out by Eaten by Sharks are enjoyable and straightforward to bang your head to, whilst Tyler Abrams’ buzzing, groovy bass on the opening moments of “Depth Cost” units up a livid breakdown. Album nearer “Megalodon” sees Eaten by Sharks permitting just a bit extra technicality and experimentation to filter into the sound but it surely’s nonetheless fairly protected and by the numbers demise / deathcore. It’s additionally undeniably enjoyable, with the one-two punch of “Useless Weight” and “Kill and Devour” a specific spotlight, with the previous hitting virtually thrash ranges of vitality in its feeding frenzy center part. That stated, there aren’t any actually memorable riffs right here and Eradication is barely too severe in its execution to essentially pull off its frankly wonderful and ridiculous(ly loveable) idea. For those who’re going for an idea album primarily based on an all-out Selachimorpha assault on homo sapiens, you actually need it to be both goofy enjoyable or so fucking heavy and brvtal that nobody will dare fuck with it.

Missing each the melodicism of Match for an Post-mortem and the all-out brutality of (older) Cattle DecapitationEradication comes up barely quick however is nonetheless a muscular, heavy album. Even clocking in at simply 28 minutes, which some would argue, makes this an EP, Eradication has little by means of variation or tips tucked up beneath its fins, the superb center and again finish of “Kill and Devour” being the exception. It’s laborious to get away from the conclusion that Eaten by Sharks has penned a really stable however finally restricted document right here. For a self-released album, nonetheless, a nod should go to the manufacturing, which is definitely fairly stable. There’s a pleasant tone to the guitars and the drums sound fairly first rate too. The bass does go wandering every now and then but it surely surfaces sufficient to probably not be an issue, whereas Sherriff’s vocals have an amazing gritty edge to them.

The commonest types of shark assaults are typically termed ‘bump n chew’ assaults, which usually happen in uneven coastal areas with poor visibility. The sharks will bump up towards their human prey, take a chew after which normally swim off having decided it lacks the required meat and fats content material for a extremely satisfying meal. That is moderately how I really feel about Eaten by Sharks‘ efforts on Eradication: value a bit bump and chew however finally a bit missing within the substance I would like from this style to essentially sate me. There may be promising blood within the water although, because the constructing blocks are all right here, the musicianship is nice and subsequent time I reckon Eaten by Sharks could effectively have one thing for me to essentially sink my serrated tooth into.

Ranking: 2.5/5.0
DR: 5 | Format Reviewed: 320 kbps mp3
Label: Self-Launched
Web sites: eatenbysharks.bandcamp.com | fb.com/eatenbysharksband 
Releases Worldwide: August twenty sixth, 2022

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