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Greatest Medieval composers

Who had been essentially the most well-known medieval composers?

Stephen of Liège

One of many earliest formal composers we all know of, Liege was energetic in direction of the tip of the early medieval interval, which lasted from 500-1150AD. He was Bishop of Liege from 901-920, wrote biographies of saints and non secular icons and composed Gregorian chant, together with three Correct Workplaces for the Workplace of the Trinity, the Workplace of the Invention of St Stephen and the Workplace of St Lambert.


A French composer well-known for pioneering works within the organum fashion (a type of heterophony through which a plainchant is accompanied by one other half), Léonin labored on the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris within the twelfth century. The most important work attributed to him was the Magnus liber (‘nice e-book’) designed to be used by the choir of the brand new cathedral.


A composer related to the Notre Dame college of polyphony in Paris, the Thirteenth-century French composer Perotin is credited with growing the polyphonic fashion of his predecessor Leonin with the introduction of three-and-four-part concord. Among the many most well-known compositions attributed to him are the four-voice Viderunt omnes and Sederunt principes.

Hildegard von Bingen

Maybe essentially the most well-known composer of the medieval interval, Hildegard von Bingen was a German abbess, author, thinker, poet and composer. Claiming that the music she wrote got here to her when she was in a trance-like state, she composed monophonic chants for the twelfth century Catholic church, specialising in music for ladies’s voices.
We named Hildegard von Bingen one of many biggest feminine composers ever

Guillaume de Machaut

Probably the most well-known exponent of the Ars Nova fashion, the 14th century French composer Guillaume de Machaut wrote sacred music, the best-known instance being the Messe de Nostre Dame. He was additionally a poet, writing extensively about courtly love.

Foremost picture: Guillaume de Machaut (1300-1377) writing ‘the brand new courtly love poems’, France. © Common Pictures Group/ Getty Pictures

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