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HIMYF May Have Just Undone Sid’s Huge Season 1 Finale Twist

The new images for How I Met Your Father season 2 suggest that Sid and Hannah’s big twist in the season 1 finale has been reversed. Sid’s storyline throughout How I Met Your Father season 1 followed the hardships of his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend Hannah. While Sid was running a bar in New York City, Hannah was doing her surgical residency in Los Angeles, which complicated their plans to get married and start a life together. As they continued frustratingly planning their wedding, it seemed like a breakup was in store until How I Met Your Father’s season 1 finale revealed that Hannah and Sid opted to secretly marry at a courthouse instead.

Foregoing their big wedding plans for a private courthouse marriage was a big surprise in How I Met Your Father season 1, especially since Sid and Hannah would be spending their first year of marriage on separate sides of the country. Sid and Hannah’s sudden marriage indicated that their continued issues with long-distance would be the focus of their storyline in How I Met Your Father season 2, but new images from the upcoming season suggest this may not be the case. In addition to first-look images of Sophie, Valentina, Jesse, Charlie, and Ellen, a tiny detail in Sid’s How I Met Your Father season 2 photo hints he could be single.

Sid Isn’t Wearing A Wedding Ring In HIMYF Season 2

The image of Sid bartending and speaking to Jesse focuses on the former character’s hand on the table, which happens to be missing the wedding ring he had on his finger in How I Met Your Father season 1’s ending. When Hannah and Sid revealed to the gang that they had secretly married, they both held up their hands to show their new wedding rings, with Sid’s ring being on the same hand as his watch. In How I Met Your Father season 2’s image, Sid is still wearing his black watch but has no ring on his finger.

Unless this scene comes from a flashback, it appears Sid and Hannah have split up since How I Met Your Father’s season 1 finale. Since the new images for How I Met Your Father season 2 also reveal that it picks up from where season 1 left off, the first episode will likely explore what happened after Sophie’s art gallery show before jumping ahead to the current timeline, similar to How I Met Your Mother’s season 2 opening. Sid and Hannah’s potential divorce means that she’ll likely no longer be a recurring character, which could debunk the theory that she’ll later be the doctor for Ted’s wife Tracy in How I Met Your Mother.

Why Sid & Hannah’s Breakup Makes Sense For HIMYF

While How I Met Your Father had set up Hannah and Sid as the spinoff’s version of HIMYM’s Marshall and Lily, there was a key difference between the couples. Despite getting engaged, Hannah and Sid weren’t in a comfortable place in their relationship like Lily and Marshall throughout How I Met Your Father season 1, so their potential breakup wouldn’t have been nearly shocking as Marshall and Lily’s brief split. Additionally, Lily and Marshall were both main characters in HIMYM who had equal importance to the story, which made the future of their relationship more stable. In contrast, Sid is a main character while Hannah occasionally pops into the series, making her more easily removable from Sophie’s HIMYF story.

How I Met Your Father season 1 also teased potential relationships for Sid that seemed better for his development than continuing his relationship with Hannah. While Hannah always supported Sid, she provided more of a comfortable familiarity for him rather than a truly beneficial partnership. Additionally, Sid breaking up with Hannah and exploring possible romances with How I Met Your Father’s main characters makes for more interesting and twist-filled storytelling. After having a meaningful conversation with Sophie about fears regarding their relationships and also exhibiting chemistry with the now-single Valentina, Sid’s journey to find the love of his life didn’t seem to be ending with Hannah.

Sid & Hannah’s Breakup Makes Him Being The Father More Likely

Although Jesse has been set up as the most obvious choice for the titular dad in How I Met Your Father, many theories have speculated that the father of Sophie’s son is actually Sid. The chemistry between Sophie and Sid was strong in How I Met Your Father season 1, setting up the potential for more than a friendship. Sophie and Sid getting together after her romance with Jesse would repeat the love triangle between Ted, Robin, and Barney in How I Met Your Mother, which featured twists all the way up until the final moment of the original series.

If Sid and Hannah truly got divorced, then his being single in How I Met Your Father season 2 brings him that much closer to possibly getting together with Sophie. Her arc in season 2 will likely fulfill her relationship with Jesse and officially make them a couple, but the HIMYM spinoff show would likely want Sid to explore a different romantic relationship before getting with Sophie anyway. Unless Sid and Hannah do ultimately turn out to be How I Met Your Father’s Marshall and Lily, he’ll likely have a new romantic interest in season 2.

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