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How do you get the inspiration to be creative in the field of music composition and arrangement?

Creativity in the field of music

Whether you are a composer, music distributor, or even a writer or poet, you know that creativity is an essential part of your work, and in order to be creative and distinguished in your work, you need new ideas, and these new ideas will help you develop your business, invent the new, and achieve success.

In many cases, you may feel bored with the routine that you live in and feel that you have lost the ability to be creative. This feeling is very normal and most people, if not all of them, go through it, but the important thing is to get out of that negative state.. You really need inspiration in your work

Learn about musical styles around the world

The world is full of musical styles, whether in Europe, Latin America, Asia and others, and listening to many of these styles will give you new ideas, perhaps you can apply some of them to your work, or you may mix between several styles to create distinctive works. The product of hundreds of years of civilizations of peoples and nations, and there is no doubt that it has a lot of beauty, so why not listen to it and benefit from it

Play new instruments and sounds

Do not always rely on using the same musical instruments and always the same sounds, whether they are real or virtual instruments, and instead try playing new instruments and sounds every once in a while. Or your distros and give you some inspiration with their rhythms and sounds

Develop your knowledge in the field of music

Music is a very broad science, and there is a lot of information that may take many years to learn.

Benefit from the opinions of your friends even if they are not musicians

In many studios, there is one person who does almost everything himself, and there is no doubt that this is tiring, and what you miss when you work alone is people’s opinions of the work before it is presented to the artist or before it is published in the media, and many music distributors refuse to take Someone’s opinion of their work because of their excessive self-confidence, and this is a big mistake, because people’s opinions may be very useful, and your friend may give you new ideas or alert you to a certain mistake you committed and did not notice due to the pressure of work, whether it was a musician or even an ordinary listener, and therefore it is okay to take The opinions of one or more people you trust and you are not obliged to take them in the end, but they may be useful sometimes

Try to take a break or vacation in a quiet place – break the routine

It would be useful to break the routine that you live in. Routine leads to boredom, which in turn kills creativity. For example, try to change your workplace, even for a day a week, or go out for a walk to a quiet place for a few hours to break the boredom you live in. You can take your laptop and headphones with you if you want. During your trip, you may also think about adjusting your workplace in terms of decoration in order to make some positive change

Don’t stress yourself too much

There is no doubt that the work is tiring and sometimes you will find yourself not feeling like doing anything new or finding it difficult to create distinctive works, so sometimes it would be better not to stress yourself and instead try to take a break for hours or even days and come back to work afterwards You may come up with new ideas at any moment

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