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Kique Impresses With Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ on ‘The Voice’

One does not simply walk into The Voice and perform Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”. Kique did.

The teenage Miami native shone during the Live Top 13 Performances, with a rendition of Wonder’s funk classic.

During NBC’s singing competition, Kique has been described as a “unique” talent, and he showed again on Monday night (Nov. 21) why he’s been showered with praise.

Kique (real name Robert “Kique” Gomez) has a knack for taking a popular song, and putting his own twist on it.

Earlier, the 19-year-old Team Gwen artist got through a three-way Knockout Round with a performance of another funky classic, OutKast’s “Hey Ya!”

Kique was introduced to the wonders of Stevie Wonder by his high school band teacher, so “Superstition” is clearly something close to his heart. And on this occasion, he kept the funk, but didn’t overhaul the arrangement. Instead, he went with a “tweak.”

“One of my favorite things to do is change songs,” Kique remarked earlier in the season. “I really want Gwen to see that I’m not just a singer. I’m also a musician. I like to create compositions and make music and change things and make them my own.”

Gwen has noticed. After tonight’s performance, she remarked: “You’re a star.”

Camila Cabello noted that Kique was “having fun” and that he challenges himself with his variations.

Whether America agrees that he’s a star, we’re about to find out.

Voting has kicked off, and the top artists will be revealed during Tuesday’s live results show. Three contestants will be eliminated on what promises to be another nail-biting encounter.

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