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Listen to «Another Reason» by Grant Knoche

Although news about Eurovision is plentiful at the moment. Lately, my thoughts have turned to the American Song Contest (the USA version of Eurovision that debuted last year). ASC’s fate was unclear until a few days ago when it was announced that it would not run this year (although it is hoped it will return in 2024). Similarly, because of ASC, I recalled discovering the Texas-bred and LA-based artist, producer and songwriter Grant Knoche. He finished 4th in the final with the song “Mr Independant“. Yet, I considered Grant a stand out from the competition and felt keeping an eye on him going forward would prove prudent (subsequently, I covered his post-contest track “Icarus” on the blog).

The reason why I am writing about him again today is that he has a new track out. “Another Reason,” is a lyrically confessional, heartbreak-pop song he wrote about an ex he found difficult to move on from. In this candid and emotionally raw song, he describes lingering feelings post-breakup as he reminisces fondly on the sweet moments they once shared together.

The scenario is explained in the song lyrics. Where Grant asks,

“If we’re meant to be apart. Then why am I sad & you’re smoking again. I don’t know how, I don’t know when to be your friend?”

He is doing his utmost to find a way to begin healing, but he is not ready to take this step, and therefore, the struggle with his feelings is real.

Later in the song, he goes on to ask…

“Tell me lies so that I can’t trust you. Shut me down so I can’t run back to you. Go makeout with somebody, somebody new I don’t need another reason to love you”.

Getting over this romantic interest is a dilema because it seems like they parted on good terms. There may have been a mutual realisation that they were not a good romantic match.

Songs that come from an honest place are genuinely better than all of the rest and this is especially true when commenting on “Another Reason,” by Grant Knoche. My opinion is this is his best song to date. Everyone should stop and listen to this song, its the direct and heartfelt songwriting that makes it so brilliantly moving.

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