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November 2022 Purchases – Vinyl & CD’s

You will notice that my cover picture is a little different this month. Normally, I have all my purchases stacked on top of the turntable, but there was a problem this time around. My cat, Chandler, decided it was nap time and wouldn’t move. Actually, Chandler naps up there a lot when I am working from home so no big surprise. So, I didn’t want to disturb him as he needs his beauty sleep so I took a picture of him instead. Believe it or not, he is still a kitten as he is only 9 months old. Once full grown he will be 20-25 lbs and won’t be able to fit on the turntable so I am letting him enjoy it while he can.

Okay, enough of that. Let us get to the real reason we are here…the music. And what did I get this month. I will say it was a better month than last one as I went a little nuts on the vinyl this time around and very little on the CDs. First up, I have been holding off on buying Def Leppard stuff on vinyl because I want to see what is in the Collection, Volume 4, but I’m tired of waiting and I realize it is generally not any one specific live album that has already been released, so I bought these three things so I finally had them on vinyl.

Now, I did hit one real record store this month, but didn’t score a bunch. The only thing I picked up from Mad Jack’s are a couple of Asia albums that I didn’t have in my collection for some strange reason. And they were clean!

I was going to buy a cassette from Mad Jack’s as well, but instead he gave it to me for free…see if you can figure out why that was the case…

And then my daughter and I hit up 2nd & Charles as she wanted to find some more books to read (and not for school, just read…wow!!). I grabbed a couple of CDs missing I am not sure why I didn’t already have and yes, the Rush one is upside but I’m too tired to fix it.

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And then I grabbed a bunch of albums from Disturbed…does that make me disturbed…which I am…

Now, as you know, I’m a Billy Idol fan and his latest E.P., The Cage, is finally out on vinyl. The CD and digital versions have been out for a couple months, but I needed the vinyl. And it is awesome, btw!!

The next thing I got was a total surprise. My brother-in-law, Ryan, works with Stone Temple Pilots, and he has helped mix a lot of the live songs for these reissues they’ve been doing (amongst other things), he received from the band a handful of these boxsets and being the great BIL he is, he brought me a copy. It is the 4 LP Deluxe Box Set of the STP album Core and let me tell you, it is sweet!!! It was a very pleasant surprise!!

And lastly, it is the Super Deluxe Box Set for one of my favorite Kiss album, ‘Creatures of the Night’. I will get to this eventually and give you all the detail as there is so much great stuff in this thing. I can’t wait to show it off…

And that is everything for November. I already have a few things on pre-order for December, plus a few things on order that haven’t come in yet and then hopefully I’ll get stuff for Christmas, so we will see what December brings us…I have high hopes.

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