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Very common mistakes in audio mixing, beware of them

Many people do the mix on a high volume, and what is meant here is the sound of the monitor or the DB spl. The high sound will make you hear well at first, especially the low frequencies that are difficult to hear when the monitor volume is made low, but the high volume will make you tired quickly and this will make you neglect some details Without knowing, the way you hear the frequencies varies according to the monitor’s sound level. The best solution is to make the monitor’s sound medium in strength, sometimes raising it and then lowering it sometimes for a short period.

Attempting to finish vocal mixing in one prolonged session

Sometimes you may have to finish the work in a quick time, so you try to finish the entire mixture in one session, which may last for long hours. The problem here is that any person, after working for long hours, will lose part of his focus and his ear will not be able to notice some important details, and therefore must Take a break whenever possible, whether for minutes, hours, or even for the next day, and then you will have regained your activity and become more able to notice the details and problems that you may have neglected in the first session

No vision of the mix

That is, just starting to mix without a clear goal, and it is a problem that many people fall into, especially those who have recently learned some things about the mix or have installed certain committees, so you find Mixing starts directly by trying to apply the new information and trying the new ones, whether he needs it or not.

You have to know when to use a specific plugin and when to use a specific technique in the audio mix. Many of the combinations may in fact need only a simple treatment, and the old plugins that you own may sometimes be more useful to you than the new ones.

Of course, this does not mean that you do not have to try new techniques and new committees, but you have to understand what you are doing and try to leave the experiments for non-urgent work, in which it is acceptable to make some mistakes because of the availability of time and the possibility of fixing them so that you are ready for the real or urgent work Better

Treating the tracks individually without hearing it well with the rest of the tracks

What we want to achieve during the audio mixing is to make all the tracks clear and audible without conflicting between them, and what many beginners do is to treat each track completely independently by making a sound to it on the mixer and trying to improve it as much as possible without hearing it well with the rest Traces

There is no doubt that during the mixing, we will hear each track individually in order to focus well on the details and correct any errors that exist, such as processing the frequencies and removing the noise if it is present, and so on. The tracks, which should not conflict with each other, and this means that you will not be able, for example, to raise all the high frequencies of all the tracks, otherwise it will conflict with the frequencies of many other tracks, and you will not be able to raise the sound power of all the tracks. If they are all strong, it is difficult to hear all of them.

An example of this is the sound of the badd or electronic sounds. When we play these sounds using some mods and contact offices, for example, they are full of frequencies, and their sound looks beautiful and includes a large level of all frequencies, including low frequencies and high frequencies, and this makes the sound more beautiful when listening It has its own, but the same sounds when you use it in the mix and combine with it the rhythm, chords and other tracks, you will be surprised that the mix as a whole is no longer clear and there are traces that almost disappear or become faint and the reason is that those sounds with full frequencies have consumed a lot of space Available for the rest of the tracks and the solution is by cutting the frequencies that cause problems and that can be abandoned even if the sound does not sound less beautiful individually, but it will be better with the mix in general and this will be better so that the rest of the tracks are more clear

In addition, the large number of reverbs and delays present in a particular track may affect the rest of the tracks. These effects take up a lot of available space in the mix as well, and this will be at the expense of the general clarity of the mix.

Overuse of influences

The treatment of overlays greatly can affect the sound quality, and one of the most important examples of this is the use of the compressor in an exaggerated manner to compress the sound, while it may only need a small amount of pressure or not need pressure at all. Excessive pressure will lose the dynamic work and lose the sound a lot of its characteristics

By the same principle, using the equalizer in an exaggerated manner by processing a lot of frequencies and raising them significantly can affect the sound quality and make it sound unnatural.

Using inappropriate proportions in reverb

A common mistake in the mix is ​​made by many while using the reverb, by either increasing the reverb rates significantly, which makes the track look weak and far away and cause blurring in the mix, or vice versa by making the reverb ratios low, so the tracks appear dry and lacking in vitality.

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