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Where did jazz Music appear?

The origin of jazz music

Jazz emerged in New Orleans about 100 years ago; That is, at the beginning of the twentieth century, and it is worth noting that its origins and roots go back to the musical traditions that were common in both the continents of Africa and Europe, and some historians say that jazz is a mixture of African and European music. , quality, and playing musical instruments in a special expressive way, which made it an extension of the human voice, and through European music, jazz got the harmony of tones, harmony and harmony between musical passages, which appeared through playing the piano. in jazz in Europe; Such as: saxophone, trumpet, piano, etc., and jazz gained a tradition of musical improvisation from both African and European music.

When did jazz originate?

Jazz music is a mixture of several different cultures, it is not the product of a particular culture in itself, and some historians believe that jazz was born in the shadow of the rituals of drumming and juggling, that is, those events that took place in the Congo Square in New Orleans, before the Civil War, but Others believe that jazz was born in 1895, the year the band was formed by Buddy Bold, and some say that it was born in 1917, when jazz was recorded by Nick Laroca and the original Dixieland jazz band, but Ferdinand «Jelly Roll» Morton He had his own theory, he said: «It is clear, without contradiction, that New Orleans is the cradle of jazz, and I myself am the inventor in 1902.»

Jazz finder

Buddy Bolden is considered the first discoverer of jazz, an African-American conductor, and was called by historian Donald Marquis the «first jazz man», in the early days of jazz.

Boddy Bolden’s music mainly contained improvisation, which distinguishes jazz in particular from other types of music. That there are no records of Boddy Bolden in the current era, and it is said that Bodhi Bolden was suffering from many health problems related to his mind, and it is likely that the problems that were the cause of his deteriorating health were due to his drinking of alcoholic beverages in large quantities, and in 1907 AD, Bolden’s career ended abruptly, and without Advance warning, when admission is accepted

The one he wanted in Louisiana, at the age of thirty

After that, many African-American jazz legends became popular during the early twentieth century, according to what jazz critic and historian Ted Gioia wrote, and among the most important of these musicians; Punk Johnson, Mott Carey, Joe (King) Oliver, and Sidney Bechet

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