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Music arrangement and audio engineering software that professionals work on

In this article, we introduce the most powerful music distribution and audio engineering programs with quick information for each of them, knowing that all the programs mentioned here are powerful and can be used to produce professional works, but some of them are distinguished from others with certain characteristics, and the last option remains for you as a music distributor or sound engineer To choose what suits you and what you feel comfortable dealing with more than others

(This list will be mentioned here in no order, and it is basically difficult to determine which program deserves first place)

First, we will mention the names of the programs before talking about each of them

Studio one

Studio One: a program produced by Presonus, which produces the famous sound cards. It is a relatively recent program compared to the rest of the similar programs, and the first version of it was released in 2009. It is a powerful and powerful program that can be used as a substitute for programs such as Qbiz and Protools. It includes many programs Features that allow you to work quickly


Protools: a well-known program that you can find in the most powerful studios around the world, produced by Avid, which produces powerful sound cards, which are usually sold with the program itself. Some people do not like to distribute through it and prefer that registration and engineering be done only through it, but it is generally an integrated program and is suitable for everything

Abelton Live

Appleton Live: A popular program for electronic music makers, especially modern rhythmic styles such as house music and trans. It is considered less widespread in the Arab region than in the West, but there are many Arabs who use it


Cubase: One of the most famous and most integrated programs ever, whether in the field of music distribution or audio engineering, and includes countless features that may take a lot of time to master. All of them are produced by Steinberg, which produced the first electronic playing instrument, and the VST format became a private intellectual property. for the company

The Rezone

The Rezone program is similar in its design to hardware devices in terms of shape and the ability to connect virtual cables like reality, and it is characterized by having its own offices that work only on Reson and attaches good virtual machines with it.


A light and small program, the first version of it was released in 2004 and it is possible to produce a complete work, but its use is very little compared to the rest of the programs mentioned here

The name of the program is an abbreviation of English words meaning (rapid work environment for audio production, engineering and recording)

Logic Pro

A distinctive program with its interface and the tools that come with it, especially the effects, but it is considered one of the integrated programs, but it only works on the Mac system and does not work on Windows

FL Studio

This program is the most famous and widespread among all the mentioned programs and has many features that facilitate distribution and when you get used to it and its simplicity in work, it will be difficult for you to deal with any other program

The program is very powerful in editing midi and making rhythms and is suitable for all levels, from beginners to professionals

The program is produced by Image Line, which specializes in audio and video


A powerful program, especially in the field of recording and audio engineering, with strong effects, and it is the property of Roland, the famous company in the field of audio equipment manufacturing.


A beautiful program that has many users and is characterized by simplicity in its work.

What is the best music arrangement software and which one would I choose?

As mentioned at the beginning, all the programs mentioned here are considered strong, and through them you can get a professional result, and you can choose the program that suits you and feel comfortable working on it, as mastering one program well is better than working on five programs without mastering it well. Mastering a program such as Qbiz, FL Studio, or Pro Tools, for example, will take a long time because these programs are more than tens of years old, and every year new features are added to them, so it is okay to choose one or two programs only, and there is no need to learn all of these programs

Is the success of the work depends only on the music distribution program?

The music distribution program is the basis on which you will build the entire distribution with sound engineering processes from mixing and mastering, but taking into account the following:

All the mentioned programs need additions to increase their effectiveness. These additions include audio engineering panels that include features that are not present in virtual effects and panels to add instrument sounds and rhythms with audio libraries such as contact offices so that you have a wide range of sounds according to the style you are working on

Of course, musical arrangement depends first and foremost on creativity and workmanship in order to actually benefit from all of the above programs and add-ons and reach a good result.

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