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Which Instruments are used in Jazz Music?

jazz instruments

Jazz is a type of music that began in the United States of America, and improvisation is the main element in this type of music, and instead of using words to communicate with people, jazz musicians use their songs and instruments for that. Among the musical instruments used in jazz are the following:

Double bass violin or double bass

It is a large brass instrument that is played standing, as the instrument rests on the ground while the player holds the upper end of it.

percussion instruments or drums

It is an instrument composed of a set of drums, and it contains a large drum with a foot pedal used to play, and there is a smaller drum that is played with drumsticks, and the drums maintain the rhythm and movement of the song.

the piano

The word piano originally means soft and strong, and this is exactly the role of the piano in a jazz band, and there are 88 keys in the piano that add diversity and aesthetics to any song, using these keys you can play high and low tones, and add more rhythm, and the notes can be played quietly or more quickly To create impact and aesthetics for any orchestra


It is a woodwind instrument made of brass, and is one of the most famous musical instruments, as it emits a unique and different sound that adds a strong influence on jazz music, and the saxophone comes in many sizes and each size produces a variety of notes.


It is one of the most famous and most popular instruments used in jazz music. It is a brass instrument that works when blowing air and has many valves that when pressed have an effect on the tone of the trumpet, Reed instruments, such as the clarinet and saxophone


It is an Italian word that means the big trumpet, where the trombone sounds like a trumpet but with a larger size and can be played in the same way as the trumpet, but instead of valves, the trombone has a slider, it must be moved when playing to change the sound and rhythm, and the trombone makes a soft but strong and heavy sound at the same time [2] The trombone is made of brass and is one of the most famous instruments in jazz, and became popular in the 1930s with swing jazz.


It is one of the most important musical instruments for jazz artists is the guitar, where jazz songs are often played with more than one guitar, and in jazz songs the guitar playing is amplified to give a touch to jazz songs

Jazz history

This music originated in the United States of America, at a time when African Americans were suffering, music was the only refuge for them to pass the time and express their daily concerns. In America and later in all European countries, where jazz has become a way of life for many people through which they can express their freedoms, improvisation is an important part of jazz music. The skill, as it has a variety of sounds and musical instruments, but most of them depend more on rhythm

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